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This was the best otome demo ever, I guess I'll check back once a year or so.


I don't know Otomes are not good for women or young girls to read aka because doesn't give you idea what happens on rejection, Most otomes don't have are jobs for those female protagonist have and dose of reality. Most them based in school and are living rich family not many of women have that sort life.   

I just wanna say that this releases a day before my birthday, so I'm super excited for this


I just wanted to offer some encouragement? Umm... This is kind of an embarrassing admission, but I've been checking on this page frequently to see if the ETA had been updated or the progress changed. It's become a ritual, actually, to check on this page. I've looked everywhere to see if you had anything to say about it, but I see it's going to come out next year for Valentine's Day?

Ahh!! My poor patience can't handle the wait! But I'm willing to, anyway, if it makes the game better or makes it special for the holidays. I was hoping it to be this year, to be quite honest, but I respect your decision.

Never really liked downloading and playing demos because they only last so long, but I played yours because I just adored this project. I really look forward to when this gets released, especially since I don't have the money to spent frivolously on games.

As always, thank you!

I love this it was very funny and cute!


Is the game finished? or is it still a demo?

Heya, it's still a demo as of now :')


A school president who seems clueless about technology? A "bad" boy with suprisingly feminine work? A neighbour who is isolated, a bit childish, and seems know very well Bopka in the past? A secret LI? A rational bestfriend for all the madness? And an ingenious MC who doesn't hesitate mocking the obvious cliche of every otome and sometimes breaks the 4rth wall (aka the lovely Otome Queen Bopka)? Which all beautifully drawn characters???

This is priceless xD (My only concern is Bopka's name as the sign of her monologue disappear a while at the last scene with Stasia)

Now, shut up and take all my time of life for its release x'D


super cute!

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This game is so funny and cute I LOVE IT!! Also not sure if you knew or not but just in case when you're talking to case for the first time his name tag changes to case the sentence before he tells you his name


This is definitely bringing a  fresh dish on the table that I applaud you for doing so since there's not a lot of VNs that make fun of the stereotypes and cliches in otome. The humor is definitely a lot and great here; had me chuckling quite a lot! I'm looking forward to the full release : )

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This demo made me so happy. Bobka is adorable. Might die waiting the full game.


Is it hard to get 'unlockable character'? or is it (I should say he) not finished? (if I may ask so I can sleep tonight)


BUT! I LOVE the game!!! (and this is all I have since I have no life)


First of all, thanks! haha

The unlockable character (Elliot) isn't hard at all to unlock, you just have to get to a certain point in one of the other routes and then he'll be available in the next playthrough :)


Okay thanks for letting know! :3


I really, really enjoyed the demo. Love how original the plot is! Although I've never had to experience being fired from an Otome game before, I fully identify with Bobka's pain. Favorite lines have to be about her best friend "showing up when it's relevant to the plot," Roy "beating up all the dudes just because," and the poor faceless mother.

Meta humor and sarcasm are on point, and I'm excited to learn more about Roy hehe. You're able to balance the parody/comical elements with a very engaging story and heroine, and I'm looking forward to playing the final version! Cheers, and good luck. <3

Thanks for the support :D


This game is hilarious. I really enjoyed the meta humor of it! I caught myself sending friends screenshots of a couple conversations just because of how ridiculous they were, haha. I'm totally gonna play this through with one of my friends when the full version is released (if it's early-mid Feb I can probably count it as a birthday celebration). I also had to include this here, which might be my favorite exchange in a dating sim so far:

Roy: "Are you on drugs?"
MC: "Why, you want some?"



Glad you liked it!

I'm hoping to release it for Valentines Day (to be somewhat topical) but now I'll work to have it out as a birthday present to you as well ;D


ahhh can't wait! Good luck with your writing. c:


OMG haha that was so fun! I love how meta it is! All the characters are really enjoyable, I'm looking forward to Roy's route the most though B) Can't wait to play the full game!!


I laughed sooo hard at this in a very good way. I was refreshingly different and awesome. Can't wait for the rest..

I'm waiting for some cliche line about Leo being the childhood friend turned romance

Favorite scene was the Roy fight scene


Thank you so much! I'm glad I could make you laugh :D


omg omg omg...uhh why is Case so hot? uhhhh anywho, i really look forward to the full release of the game! Bobkais such a cute and unique charater and i love the sarcasm in the game. Now...let me rerun the demo just to look at Case...


I don't really know the answer to that question, tbh ;D

Thank you for enjoying the demo!


This is fantastic (I love Leo so much omg) and I'm definitely looking forward to the full release. The main character is hilarious and the concept for this game is so fresh and unique. I can't wait for the full version! :D


Thank you ;v;

I'm glad I know somebody out there appreciates our qt Leo.

Look forward to the release :D


I didn't realise it was a demo and i was so sad at the end :((((

It's really nice and funny and i already know who i want to >:D

Can't wait for the full version!!


Aw, I'm sorry! I tried to make it obvious that it was a demo, but I guess it wasn't enough OTL

I'm glad that you like it, though! Look forward to the full game ;D


This is so unique and different and UGH LOVE IT SO FAR. When will the full version be out?


Thanks so much!

I'm setting a tentative release date for February :>


a really lovely game :^) i love the sarcasm. all the graphics are adorable. i can't wait for the full thing!

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Thank you! I'm happy that you like it :>

I'll work hard to get it done on time lol


Oh my gosh, I was waiting for this demo and I'm SO NOT DISAPPOINTED. It's really funny !!!

The main character becomes quickly endearing, and I loved the ways they all broke the 4th wall. (The thugs scene OMG ;v; ) I laughed a LOT :'D Plus it's quite easy to read, musics are nice but not too overbearing so you can focus on the text, and the graphics works well too (I like the chara design ! )

Now I'll totally wait for the full version, that's for sure. Great job for achieving the demo and I wish you good luck with what's left of work ! >U</


Thank you so much for your kind words :'>

You don't know how glad I am that you think it's funny (for a while I was debating whether it was even good enough to label a comedy haha)

I'm setting the soft release date for February \(^▽^)/ (lord give me strength)


Haha, I know this feeling, when you've been working so long on your game and you can't even tell anymore if it's funny or not <:'D

But I can assure that it is, I laughed out loudly a lot of times and the fact that they're all aware of their situation is well exploited.

I'm saving the date ! Ya can do it ! >:3