A downloadable game for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Genre: Otome, Comedy
Rating: 15+ for crude language

"I'm sorry, you're just not edgy enough for me."

Those are the words I hear as I get rejected for the twenty eighth time this year…

Bobka Smith is an otome game heroine. Or, at least, she was supposed to be. A week before production went underway, and she was booted from the cast for being "too stereotypical." She was sent to School, an extremely generic high school filled with students like her. Bobka, however, is determined to carry out her destiny and have her perfect otome ending, no matter what the cost.

Unfortunately nobody at School seems interested, and after years of stalking romantic pursuits, she's been shot down by practically every member of the student body. There have got to still be options left though, right? Help Bobka quell the passionate burning in her heart before she graduates from School, and on the way realize that people don't tend to fit perfectly into the molds that they're given.


4 Obtainable Characters (3 + 1 Unlockable)
9 Possible Endings (2 for each Gentleman Suitor + 1 Unlockable "True" Ending)
40,000+ words (estimate)
CG Gallery
100% Off!! (Special deal just 4 u)


Outline: 100%
Script: 20% (Writing for demo is done!)
Sprites: 100%
GUI: 100%
CG: 0%
Music: 100%
Background: 100%

Development Blog: http://chickandnugget.tumblr.com/

Install instructions

Download the relevant file and play!


RD-1.0-all.zip (108 MB)
RD-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 (92 MB)
RD-1.0-mac.zip (89 MB)
RD-1.0-win.zip (90 MB)


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omg omg omg...uhh why is Case so hot? uhhhh anywho, i really look forward to the full release of the game! Bobkais such a cute and unique charater and i love the sarcasm in the game. Now...let me rerun the demo just to look at Case...

I don't really know the answer to that question, tbh ;D

Thank you for enjoying the demo!


This is fantastic (I love Leo so much omg) and I'm definitely looking forward to the full release. The main character is hilarious and the concept for this game is so fresh and unique. I can't wait for the full version! :D

Thank you ;v;

I'm glad I know somebody out there appreciates our qt Leo.

Look forward to the release :D


I didn't realise it was a demo and i was so sad at the end :((((

It's really nice and funny and i already know who i want to >:D

Can't wait for the full version!!

Aw, I'm sorry! I tried to make it obvious that it was a demo, but I guess it wasn't enough OTL

I'm glad that you like it, though! Look forward to the full game ;D


This is so unique and different and UGH LOVE IT SO FAR. When will the full version be out?

Thanks so much!

I'm setting a tentative release date for February :>


a really lovely game :^) i love the sarcasm. all the graphics are adorable. i can't wait for the full thing!

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Thank you! I'm happy that you like it :>

I'll work hard to get it done on time lol


Oh my gosh, I was waiting for this demo and I'm SO NOT DISAPPOINTED. It's really funny !!!

The main character becomes quickly endearing, and I loved the ways they all broke the 4th wall. (The thugs scene OMG ;v; ) I laughed a LOT :'D Plus it's quite easy to read, musics are nice but not too overbearing so you can focus on the text, and the graphics works well too (I like the chara design ! )

Now I'll totally wait for the full version, that's for sure. Great job for achieving the demo and I wish you good luck with what's left of work ! >U</

Thank you so much for your kind words :'>

You don't know how glad I am that you think it's funny (for a while I was debating whether it was even good enough to label a comedy haha)

I'm setting the soft release date for February \(^▽^)/ (lord give me strength)


Haha, I know this feeling, when you've been working so long on your game and you can't even tell anymore if it's funny or not <:'D

But I can assure that it is, I laughed out loudly a lot of times and the fact that they're all aware of their situation is well exploited.

I'm saving the date ! Ya can do it ! >:3